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The key to being happier and more fulfilled is to have a creative outlet. A childhood in the middle of nowhere obliged me to find thinks to occupy myself; I find it hard to be in front of computers for most of the week, with no projects or plans to keep me occupied.

Ceramics is how I relax - here you can find out more about what I learn and make, and a kind of online sketchbook


I'm a potter working at Maze Hill Pottery in Greenwich, London. After a two year apprenticeship with renowned potter Lisa HammondI'll be continuing to work alongside her part time for one year for three days a week. The other two, and weekends, can be spent making my own pots, so my shop updates will become more frequent.

I documented my apprenticeship while also posting photographs of my own work on Instagram for the last two years. Posting a picture along with technical descriptions and my thoughts on the craft and processes.

Current production of my own style of work is limited to small batches only due to my part time workload. If you're interested in obtaining anything keep a look out on my Instagram page where I'll make any announcements of when work is to be sold via my shop.

If you've got any further queries please visit my FAQit may be answered there.


Prior to my apprenticeship with Lisa Hammond, which I began in 2014. I spent two years (2012–2014) on the DCCoI Ceramics Skills and Design Training Course in Thomastown, Ireland. A pottery school dedicated to teaching its students the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to work as a studio potter. I was awarded 'Student of the Course' upon completion, much to my surprise.

Previously to this I studied ceramics in the Rudolf Steiner School I attended, for both GSCEs and A-Levels. It was here my drive for pottery started, spending countless hours practicing on the wheel with guidance from my teacher Caroline Hughes. During this time I took the opportunity to do a work placement at Leach Pottery in St. Ives, assisting Jack Doherty along with the other production throwers.